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carolina“Our ability to handle the high number of guests we serve is the flow that IDC created. There’s an ease with moving people.”

- Zenda Stakelbeck, Owner, Z Salon & Spa, Louisville KY

What size is your dream? What type of spa?

IDC has designed an incredibly diverse range of projects, in nearly every scale and setting. What type of spa or salon or wellness center are you considering? We’ve probably designed it. Take a look at this sampling of recent projects. You'll also find complete animated Featured Projects and further examples in our Portfolio.

Projects by Scale

Projects by Type
3000-5000 sq ft projects
3000 sq. ft. and under Projects
Medical Spa Design Projects
boutique hotel spa design projects
Boutique Hotel Spa Designs
3000-5000 sq ft projects
3,000 - 5,000 sq. ft. Projects
Destination/Resort Spa Designs
day spa design
Day Spa Design Projects
3000-5000 sq ft projects
Projects over 5,000 sq. ft.
Image Centers & Salon Designs
3000-5000 sq ft projects
Integrated Centers Projects

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