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"If you have any clients that are thinking about using you, please have them call me and I will tell them first-hand that they cannot afford not to hire you.”

- Terri Mundi, Founder/President, InvisiLift, Inc., Birmingham, AL

Expert design/development services for spa and wellness entrepreneurs

Founded in 1984, International Design Concepts is a complete architectural and resource firm devoted to the design of day spas, medical spas and wellness facilities.

The IDC team fuses many years of experience, travel and training into a rare combination of spa design and business expertise. Whether it's a one room addition or a new multi-acre site, we create spas with an equal emphasis on esthetics, resource and space efficiency, profitability and value engineering.

What's New: Vancouver Spa Show, Feb 16-17

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Check out our ESI Blog post: "Reinvent Your Spa: 5 keys to stay competitive and increase market share"

"Reinvention is the art of taking action to create improvement. Just as our spa clientele is looking for rejuvenation of body and spirit, spa owners need to assess the overall wellbeing and effectiveness of our business. Ask yourself: Is your clients' experience optimal - as good as it could be? How could it be more outstanding? See complete blog post

lineCelebrating 30 YEARS of Spa Success!

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SPA MANAGEMENT, Spring 2014: "30 YEARS of Wellness Spa Design & Development Success"
We’re grateful to have worked in the spa industry since 1984. As a thank you to all who dream of operating, growing or enhancing your spa, we offer this history of some of our best spa projects. Learn from the best in the industry: common pitfalls, sustainable design, wellness destinations, innovation and risk, relationships, integration & collaboration, and future-forward design. See complete article (2.3 mb).


We share our expertise in spa industry seminars around the world.
We offer exciting interactive classes designed to help you get the most out of your existing location, or a brand new site. Check out this video on how design and value engineering create success.

From green to gold.
We support and promote sustainable spa design, green building techniques, clean energy technologies and resource-conscious operations. The “greening” of the spa industry is a recent trend, but our background is deeply rooted in stewardship and connection to the land (see our bio). We believe spas that can market their environmental innovation, which is directly tied to health and well-being, have a distinct advantage.

Creating a competitive edge.
Our ideal partner is seeking a completely original statement. You understand that a unique spa design - especially one that is sustainable, energy efficient, and health-conscious - will distinguish your presence. That is a real advantage in this growing marketplace.

We collaborate with each client to explore and enhance your distinct vision. Spa types and themes offer a endless range of choices: day spa, salon spa, destination spa, resort spa, medi-spa, dental spa, fitness spa, nutritional spa, metaphysical spa, wellness spa, men's spa, family spa, hi-tech spa, express spa...

Working in synergy, together we will define the perfect balance of elements for your own unforgettable spa. Wherever we go, we look for ways to re-use existing structures and implement sustainable solutions. We'll uncover the unique spirit of your locale and environment, and develop the right theme and architecture to enhance it.

Experiences that last.
We offer fresh ideas for your spa design, special treatments gathered from healing and sensory delights found around the globe. These are relaxing, pampering, therapeutic experiences your guests and patients will savor ~ and they’ll want to renew those experiences, again and again.

The result is a spa that is profitable and highly successful. It’s your own signature statement ~ unique, exclusive and distinctive.

The difference is in the details.
To bring your concept to reality, we oversee the project's construction, green building technologies, and all the custom fabrications necessary to develop a unique environment. We can't take away all the stress of the building process, but we've been there before and know how to manage a spa project. We'll watch over the details to help smooth out the bumps in the road.

What’s your vision?
We listen to your ideas. We'll balance those ideas with our years of spa expertise and international experience ~ setting the stage for your success. Together we can take the road less traveled, and create something that has never been done before.

It's a good time to be entering the spa arena, with its fusion of diverse professions and creative approaches to wellness. Contact us today about your vision...we'll be excited to hear it.

"We uncover the essence of a space, to create environments of lasting beauty and distinction for the success of our clients."
— Michael Effler, founder, IDC

International Design Concepts LLC is a BBB Accredited Architect in Bainbridge Island, WA AIA I-spa Day Spa Association international medical spa association green spa network

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